Funky Banjo Level 1

Funky Banjo offers an easy, step by step method for learning to play the banjo that is based on how we learn language.  

  • Hear It- Each exercise, melody and song are video recorded for you to see and hear.
  • Play It- Technique lessons are video recorded for you to follow and practice.
  • Read It- Music Theory, or the systems for reading music notation are video recorded for you to better understand.



Book one contains 16 songs for you to play while learning these skills:

  • The parts of the banjo
  • Identifying fingers on the left and right hand
  • Note reading on the treble staff
  • Rhythm reading
  • How to read tablature 
  • Finger/thumb technic
  • Beginning chords
  • Strumming
  • Frailing

 Also included are stories and historical references to many of the songs.


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