Method Books and Video Courses

Every book enhances your skill and makes you a more complete banjo player.
Books are downloadable with web access to videos

Level One e-book($30)

Level One is recommended for both new and experienced players. 

Our book and videos will set the foundation for new players and correct any bad habits that banjo veterans may have developed. 

We use well-known songs to help the user start playing quickly. Our course will go over a variety of techniques such as strums, chording, and down-stroking (frailing).

Level Two Will Be Released In:

Funky Banjo, Level Two builds upon Level One’s lessons. The method book takes an in-depth look at two-finger playing and adds what’s called a drop thumb to frailing (Thumping the ‘Jo). 

We also share playing tunes in Thumb Lead, an alternate two-finger style, and introduce more complex chords, rhythms, and strums.

Our Plans for Level 3

Level Three takes us farther up the neck, and applies and deepens the techniques already learned to new material, as well as some songs from Levels One and Two. It also expands into non-Bluegrass three- and four-finger techniques to capture the groove of more modern songs